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We won Best Consignment Sale in Boston! 

 Thanks to our consignors,

 volunteers and shoppers for voting us #1.

Hanover Fall Sale

Hanover Mall

1175 Washington Street

Private Sale

Tuesday, Sept 23 4pm-9pm (pass required)

Private consignor only 50% off sale Sunday, Sept-28 11am

Public Sale

Wednesday, Sept 24 10am-8pm

Thurs, Sept 25 closed-restocking children's and stocking women's

Friday, Sept 26 10am-7pm

Saturday, Sept 27 10am-4pm

Sunday, Sept 28 12pm-4pm 50% off sale

Dedham Fall Sale

Saint John's Church

300 West St. Dedham

Private sale

Wednesday, October 22 6:30pm-9:30pm

Public sale

Thursday, October 23 9am-8pm

Friday, October 24 10am-8pm

Saturday, October 25 8am-4pm 50% off 2pm-4pm

How to get started:

1.To register use the link below and receive your consignment number(this number will be assigned to you for every sale) 

2. Prepare items (organize items, price, hang, print tags and your bar codes will automatically print on the tag, attach tags to all of your items). 

3. Register for a drop off time

4. Drop off your items at the sale. 

5. At the conclusion of the sale pick up or donate any unsold items. Any items not picked up will be donated to a local charity.;

6. Get paid! We will send you a check within 30 days.

Please use links below to register for our sale:

          Hanover - Sale                               Dedham - Sale

Check out our presale page to learn about obtaining a pass to our exclusive presale events for consignors and volunteers. 

Consignors or volunteers are eligible to donate $10 to bring one guest to our presale.