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First Time Fundraising - Page

Fundraising: Raising funds for your church, preschool, Mom's club or non-profit organization.

OPTION #1: Your organization can register as a consignor. You will have one consignor number assigned to your organization. Collect, price and tag the items from your group and then drop them off at your designated check-in time. The more families you can find to donate items to sell under your account, the more money your organization can potentially expect to make. Your organization will get 70% of the price of your items that are sold. You will receive a check made out to your organization within one month after the sale.

Option #2. Pass Out Flyers
We can provide your organization with a special flyer. Anyone who brings in a the flyer and makes a purchase of at least $20 will earn $2 for your organization.

Option # 3. Volunteer
Have members of your group volunteer for a minimum of 3 hours and your organization will receive a check for $8 per hour.
Please email us for more details.